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Our process is simple and direct. We translate our client’s desires through precision home design while maintaining efficient collaboration with the builder to guarantee a quality product.
Kokanee fish

How We Came to Be Kokanee

Long ago, a migration path to the ocean was blocked leaving salmon isolated to a single lake. These unlucky few evolved into the Kokanee salmon. Regardless of their setback, they still managed to build a thriving population that has been going strong for the past 10,000 years.

We operate with the same tenacity as the Kokanee, never allowing our work or purpose to be restricted. With the use of interactive design technology and constant reliable communication, we have been successful in every project we’ve taken on.

Meet Our Innovators

Jake Caufield, CPBD

A native of Idaho, Jake, his wife, and their three kids came from the resort community of McCall, ID., where he worked exclusively on custom homes and began to understand out of the box construction solutions. Ready for the opportunity to break out on his own, Jake moved his family to New Braunfels in late 2013. Standing by his mission and the dedication he has to each client has paid off. By fall, 2017, he was so immersed with new clients that he opened a small office in town and eventually brought on his now business partner, Ariel Harris. Jake’s pride inspires him to always be thorough and accurate on each project.

“At the end of the day, we are only as good as our reputation and the quality of work. We can’t and will not hide from our responsibilities to our clients.”

Ariel Harris

Ariel didn’t begin on a path toward custom home design, but it found her all the same. While working at an unfulfilling career in event management, she remembered the passion she shared with her father for architectural design. In search of this new adventure, Ariel met Jake, and eventually joined the Kokanee team in early 2018 as an office manager. Driven to learn more and express her creativity, she quickly honed in on a talent for drawing cabinet elevations, as well as electrical, foundation and site plans. Aside from planning for growth in the business, Ariel would like to begin working toward her AIBD certification.

“I am excited for the challenge. I love that I’m constantly learning and that I still get to be creative in my work.”

A very well run company with great family values and high quality production. I can’t wait to spend forever in our new home!

Natalie R.

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Our practices will provide you with the home you’ve always envisioned, while also saving time and money – adding true value to your build.